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In-demand nursing specialization: More roles to choose from

In-demand nursing specialization: More roles to choose from

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If you’re a nursing professional, here’s your guide to the top specialization you can pursue this year. In this post, let’s look into these specializations: Correctional Health Nursing, Nurse Midwives and Travel Nursing

  • Correctional Health Nursing - This specialization may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there is definitely a demand for this role. This role requires nurses to work with the justice system, which means being able to handle a wide range of health cases that may be specific to this setting. 

  • Nurse Midwives - This role requires very delicate handling of labor and delivery, and women’s reproductive health. As of this time, there is a 38% growth in this department which is a great specialization to consider. Job is not specific to just hospitals but can be in birthing centers and private practices

  • Travel Nurse - This role is growing popular especially after the pandemic. Check out the article we wrote on why this role has been attractive to some nurses. 

  • Medical-Surgical Nursing - This role requires a wide variety of skills to handle complex medical procedures and continue to manage care after operations or until the patient’s recovery. Truly, this may also require long term clinical experience and taking various studies and training. Check out some guide here on how one can become a medical surgical nurse.

  • ER Nursing - This role is also very unique as not only clinical experience is needed but one needs to be trained in handling emergency situations. So one must be able to quickly assess and respond to the issue at hand. A nurse can either work in ER departments of hospitals or can be in emergency response centers run by the government. You may refer to this site on the pathway to become an ER nurse.

So, if you are still a nursing student, it is very important to be aware of these trends and decide early on on your specialization so you can plan ahead on what steps to take. More than job demand or salary grade, choose the one that you feel passionate about.