Sep 24, 2021

Educator-Ophthalmic Sciences

  • Loma Linda University Medical Center
  • Loma Linda, CA, USA

Job Description

Duties: Train medical students, residents, clinical staff, ophthalmic photographers and ophthalmic technicians in the areas of ophthalmology and ophthalmic sciences. Train anatomy and physiology as it pertains to vision/testing for retina, glaucoma, lens, cornea and testing modalities, as well as the pharmacological properties of ophthalmic diagnostic and therapeutic medications, injectable agents and their effect on the eye with physiological responses. Apply advanced knowledge of ophthalmic photography computer program technology for archiving, policy making, training, retrieving and reporting data, data transfer (e.g., DICOM, XML) and networking. Perform ophthalmic testing as appropriate as an ophthalmic photographer with an expanded imaging knowledge base, conducting specialized ophthalmic testing and calculations such as Ultrasound, ERG and Retcam. Meet ongoing needs of research activities and studies with advanced testing certification as needed. Preview advances in ophthalmic technology, research feasibility, capability and cost of new equipment, assesses and compiles all imaging equipment purchases and make recommendations for review with administration. Work in conjunction with Clinical Administrator identifying needs regarding patient care, solutions to patient care issues, clinic functions, and optimizing technician/photographer competencies and training.

Requirements: Graduate Degree (Master's or Higher) or equivalent in Biological Sciences, Medicine, Vision Science or a related field, plus two (2) years of ocular research, ophthalmic imaging or related experience operating and maintaining diagnostic ophthalmology equipment; assisting physicians in performing ophthalmic procedures; conducting routine ophthalmic tests (e.g. OCTs, B-scan, A-scan); and must hold certification as Ophthalmic Technician and Diagnostic Ophthalmic Sonographer.

Additional Information