May 13, 2021

Specimen Referral Technician - Pathology

  • The University of Kansas Hospital
  • Kansas City, KS, USA
Full time

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Specimen Referral Technician - Pathology

Bell Hospital

Position Summary / Career Interest:

The University of Kansas Health System Specimen Referral Technician is a position within the clinical and surgical pathology departments that is responsible for handling complex test orders on all specimen types, including blood, pathology blocks, and slides, for testing or consultations that are referred to an off campus accredited reference laboratory. The Specimen Referral Technician is responsible for providing information to providers on molecular and genetic (somatic and germline) testing to include, but not limited to; what genetic tests are available and where the genetic testing is performed. Additionally, due to the specifications of the testing, the Specimen Referral Technician working in the clinical department is responsible for processing genetic kits which may include separation of RNA from blood samples. This position is responsible for logging and entering results for the neonatal state screen testing performed at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The Specimen Referral Technician working in surgical pathology is responsible for transcription of outside case data, managing and prioritizing orders, both electronic and paper, receiving samples in the Pathology IT system, managing orders and ultimately scanning results. This position must also retrieve pathology blocks, slides and reports and package for shipping upon request. The Specimen Referral Technician position requires in depth knowledge of billing compliance, specimen requirements for all referral lab tests, as well as specimen integrity requirements for transport. This position is responsible for ordering testing online for specialty labs that are not interfaced with our laboratory information system (LIS) and entering results or transcription for referral test results that are not interfaced with the LIS. The Specimen Referral Technician works closely with our customers, providers and courier partners to ensure proper specimen conditions during transport to the testing lab. This position is responsible for a great deal of troubleshooting, customer service and participates in quality assurance and quality improvement activities in the laboratory. Critical thinking and excellent written and oral communication skills are required.

Position Description:

  • Tracks pending results from referral labs and troubleshooting when necessary. Maintains an up to date knowledge of CMS billing rules and applies the rules correctly to each situation.
  • Processes and prepares incoming and outgoing referral lab specimens for transport and for shipping. Ensures positive patient identification, adequate specimen for request; performs specimen processing duties and prioritizes based on urgency. Completes order entry functions or paperwork as required - Demonstrates knowledge of specimen collection and requirements specific for testing; especially, testing that is referred to an outside lab, including positive patient identification, container type, collection time, special handling requirements, and processing specifications
  • Accurately enters online test orders for laboratories that are not interfaced with laboratory and pathology information systems and accurately enters results for non-interfaced tests. Manages electronic, paper, emailed and faxed orders. Ensures that results are available in EMR.
  • Attain and maintain current training for Department of Transportation for shipping of biological samples.
  • Responds appropriately to telephone and email inquiries, addressing customer needs and troubleshooting, assists other staff with processing questions. Communicates information in written and verbal formats including providing patients and/or care providers with accurate instructions and necessary materials for specimen collection.
  • Participates in quality assurance and quality improvement activities including test utilization and Pathology Quality Concordance Records for Pathology Consultations.
  • The Specimen Referral Technician working in the Clinical Lab:
  • a) Creates Registration encounters, inputs orders from a variety of sources; receives samples in the laboratory information system (LIS); prints bar code labels and affixes labels to specimens accurately. Maintains a log to track all cost-avoidance test expenses and ensures that unnecessary duplicate testing is not performed.
  • b) In Clinical Laboratory, accurately separates RNA from blood samples sent to specialty referral labs performing transplant rejection testing and manages genetic test kits.
  • c) Accessions newborn testing (state screen cards,) prepares for shipping and enters results from Kansas Department of Health and Environment into LIS. Ensures that results are available in Epic for provider in a timely manner
  • d) Responsible for providing CPT (current procedural terminology) codes to Patient Financial Counselors in response to billing questions
  • The Specimen Referral Technician working in Surgical Pathology: - a) Creates registration encounters, inputs orders from a variety of sources, receives samples in the pathology IT system, prints bar code labels and affixes labels to specimens accurately. - b) Retrieves slides and blocks accurately from archival storage as needed. Transcribes outside case data into appropriate computer systems; performs detailed case assembly functions. - c) Adheres to strict, audited turnaround time guidelines for Pathology Consultations and Molecular testing. - Maintains an adequate inventory of all supplies
  • Uses and wears PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as necessary to perform job duties safely and minimize risk
  • Other duties as assigned.

* Must be able to perform the professional, clinical and or technical competencies of the assigned unit or department.

* Note: These statements are intended to describe the essential functions of the job and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities. Skills and duties may vary dependent upon your department or unit. Other duties may be assigned as required.



  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • One (1) year of experience in a laboratory, healthcare setting, or customer service


  • Associates Degree

Time Type:

Full time

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