Apr 29, 2021

LIS Manager

  • The University of Kansas Hospital
  • Kansas City, KS, USA
Full time

Job Description

Position Title

LIS Manager

Bell Hospital

Position Summary / Career Interest:

The Laboratory Information System Manager is responsible for the overall health through maintenance and change management, of the software operating and contributing to the Laboratory Information System infrastructure.

Position Description:

  • As required to supervise the laboratory information system section Supervises laboratory Information system personnel including professional and non-professional personnel. Hires, counsels, and terminates employees per hospital personnel policies.
  • Orients new employees to the laboratory and general laboratory procedures.
  • Trains, monitors, and evaluates performance of laboratory section employees with regard to established policies and procedures, current laboratory standards, and quality improvement goals of the laboratory.
  • Schedules personnel in the laboratory section fairly and equitably according to the workflow needs.
  • Keeps direct salary expenditures within 5% of the budget adjusted for activity.
  • Evaluates the job performance of each employee routinely and documents the competence of each employee after initial training and at least annually with at least 90% performed on time with 1 month and none over 3 months old.
  • Oversees the scheduling preventative and emergency maintenance for LIS equipment and makes recommendations and justifications for capital equipment expenditures.
  • Oversees the quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement programs of the laboratory section consistent with the current laboratory policies.
  • Reports the findings monthly or as directed by laboratory policies.
  • Assures that all personnel in section are knowledgeable of and follow ethical practices in all aspects of laboratory services including registration, analyses, billing, purchasing and other processes.
  • Makes sure that the hospital's ethical policy is followed and any ethical issues are brought up to the director or other relevant staff according to that policy. Maintains close liaison between Medical Director of the laboratory, staff, and Laboratory Supervisor. Coordinate the activities of students in rotation in laboratory section according to the requirements of the School of Allied Health Medical Technology program.
  • Teaches selected topics in the section discipline to medical technology students, residents, and others.
  • Assure adequate supply of paper inventory to maintain uninterrupted workflow within 5% of budgeted amounts after correction for activity.
  • As required to direct the technical aspects of the laboratory information system: Understands the concept and design of the current Clinical and Anatomic laboratory Information System, PC based Office systems and proprietary utility systems used in the laboratory.
  • Maintains laboratory information systems tables and databases.
  • Assists laboratory personnel in implementing information system modifications to support new procedures.
  • Creates, updates, and maintains laboratory information system section policy and procedure manuals including technical procedure manual, equipment maintenance and verification manuals and other manuals that may be necessary for the functioning of laboratory section staff.
  • Designs and implements appropriate information system procedures for the laboratory consistent with all federal, state and local regulations and JCAHO and CAP requirements.
  • Educates laboratory staff to follow current policies.
  • Oversees the organization and retention of laboratory section records and statistics on work, workload and personnel performance.
  • Provides form development, design, and implementation as well as assisting the area supervisors in developing procedures connecting the laboratory section and the LIS and HIS systems.
  • Demonstrates competence in the areas of critical thinking, interpersonal relationships, and technical skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to provide care/service safely and efficiently for the care of each patient.
  • Provides effective leadership to the unit/team.
  • Able to strategically identify, internalize and communicate the critical success factors necessary for the unit/team.
  • Serves as an effective communicator of the unit's/team's vision and goals.
  • Expresses ideas clearly and effectively (gaining agreement and/or understanding), by adjusting language, terminology and style to the characteristics and needs of the audience as well as the venue for the communication.
  • Manages his/her organizational responsibilities in a way that supports the achievement of unit/team goals.
  • Works effectively with others in the management team to accomplish organizational goals and to identify and resolve problems.
  • Skillfully administers, directs and allocates all organizational resources. Demonstrates personal effectiveness in leading the unit/team towards it goals.
  • Models appropriate values and maintains and promotes social, ethical and organizational norms.
  • Creates and communicates the "big picture" understanding of the hospital and works to ensure the department supports the organization's desired competitive position.
  • Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to develop an unit/team-wide spirit and intra-team and inter-team cooperation.
  • Stays focused on all key stakeholders and supports the unit/team ability to deliver on all valid stakeholder expectations.
  • Effectively uses the appropriate financial concepts and tools to analyze situations and make financial decisions that support the achievement of short and longer-term departmental objectives.

Must be able to perform the professional, clinical and or technical competencies of the assigned unit or department.

*Note: These statements are intended to describe the essential functions of the job and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities. Skills and duties may vary dependent upon your department or unit. Other duties may be assigned as required.



  • Bachelor's degree in Biological, Physical, Chemical, or Clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology from an accredited institution.
  • Requires certification as a medical technologist (ASCP or NCA registry within six months of hire)
  • Must have at least 5 years of supervisory and technical work experience in the operations of a clinical laboratory and 5 years of information systems related experience

Time Type:

Full time

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