May 30, 2023

Physical Therapist II - Orthopedic Surgery

  • UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Physical Therapy Surgery

Job Description

DescriptionUnder the direction of the Director of Kameron Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory, will consent patients for clinical and research evaluation as indicated, perform physical therapy evaluations and conduct instrumented gait analysis and related investigations. Components of computerized gait analysis studies include clinical examination, application of skin markers and electromyography electrodes, biomechanical and physiological data collection, interpretation of data and generation of the preliminary version of the gait analysis report. Will participate in gait evaluation review meetings along with lab director, lab engineer and orthopedic surgeon to review the gait laboratory data and preliminary report. Will finalize the report and upload into the medical record system. Salary Range: $49.70 - $60.24/hour QualificationsRequired: 1.       Skill in physical therapy assessment and treatment of patients particularly evaluation of gait, muscle tone, range of motion, posture, functional ability, motor control and compensatory movement patterns. 2.       Knowledge of mobility devices and assessment of individual treatment programs. Ability to organize and record data accurately. 3.       Skill in motivating young children and gaining their cooperation for testing and treatment sessions. 4.       Skill in communicating clearly and professionally using proper grammar in written and verbal documents. Ability to communicate clearly with patients, families, researchers, and clinicians in a professional manner. 5.       Knowledge of normal and abnormal gait kinematics and muscle firing patterns. 6.       Physical therapy license in the State of California and willingness to pursue additional licensure in kinesiological electromyography.  7.       Ability to work well within a team environment.  Interpersonal skills to develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with children, parents, staff, other professionals at UCLA and in the community. 8.       Graduate of accredited physical therapy program with a minimum of 2 years’ experience. 9.       Current CPR card Preferred: 1.       Knowledge about cerebral palsy and related disorders including possible etiologies, clinical features, associated disabilities, types of surgical and nonsurgical treatment used, specific physical therapy treatments, assessment techniques and equipment used. 2.       Skill in operating systems and equipment used for biomechanical instrumented analysis of movement including motion analysis system, electromyography, force plates, pediobarograph, energy consumption system, knee joint torque system, and related computers and computer programs. 3.       Experience working in a gait and motion laboratory. 124571436.jpg