Aug 08, 2022

Certified Respiratory Therapist

  • Memorial Health
  • Springfield, IL, USA
Full-time Respiratory Therapy

Job Description

As a member of our Respiratory Therapy team at Springfield Memorial Hospital , you will make a lasting and meaningful impact on our patients’ quality of life by helping them breathe easier. Your ideas, compassion, expertise, knowledge, values, and ambition are critical to the well-being of every patient, family member, and neighbor we serve. There is opportunity for learning and growth alongside a team of experienced Respiratory Therapists, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals.

This position is also eligibile for a $10,000.00 Sign-On bonus.



  • Graduate of AMA approved School of Respiratory Care.


  • Certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care or registry eligible.
  • Must have an active Illinois Respiratory Care Practitioner license.
  • Current CPR certification.


  1. Minimum cleaning and maintenance of R.T. equipment.
  1. Prepares and tests R.T. equipment for proper and safe operation and periodically checks R.T. equipment in use and on units for proper operation and routine service. Reports malfunctioning equipment to manager.

  1. Follows and enforces safety rules, instruction and procedures of the Respiratory Therapy Department and hospital to contain and minimize the spread of infection.

  1. Receives, documents, and executes physician’s orders relating to Respiratory Care Order Set. Interprets and evaluates physician’s orders and charts that pertain to respiratory and identifies possible contraindications to medications, treatments, and related hazard with their use.

  1. Measures and administers prescribed medications to patients, such as oxygen and aerosolized medications. Administers the following procedures or therapies; EzPAP, chest physical therapy, incentive spirometry, TB skin tests, pulse oximetry, and bedside pulmonary function/mechanics, high flow oxygen therapy.

  1. Assesses patient’s condition and response to respiratory therapy by checking patients pulse, blood pressure, respiratory frequency, tidal volume, inspiratory pressure, cough, sputum, breath sounds, and other pertinent data that relates to the patient. Must also be alert to adverse reactions of patient during treatment, plus be aware of proper response to emergencies.

  1. Recognizes and responds to the signs of cardiopulmonary arrest and/or failure and life threatening arrhythmias during EKG’s. As necessary, assists in performing and or initiating CPR procedures.

  1. Modifies therapy to deal with adverse or ineffective patient response or reports changes to shift supervisor.

  1. Records procedures, patient response, and medication administration in compliance with departmental documentation requirements. Relays same information.

  1. Participates in in-services, continuing education, and other staff development activities.

  1. Keeps confidential all patient information received and follows Springfield Memorial Hospital Guest Relations guidelines.

  1. Evaluates ABG reports and checks for accuracy of results and reports abnormal reports to proper therapist, nurse, and/or physician.

  1. Performs arterial punctures when certified to perform procedure by Medical Director (otherwise procedure is done only under direct supervision of ABG certified individual). Able to run ABG samples on the GEM Premier 4000.

  1. Performs nasal and tracheal suctioning of patients of all ages and obtains tracheal secretions for culture.

  1. Performs CPR procedures as part of Stat Code Team.

  1. Maintains patients on continuous mechanical ventilators and is responsible for providing these patients with respiratory care (monitors patients every 1-3 hours).

  1. Under the supervision of registered therapist, performs the following tasks;
  • Is primarily responsible for the respiratory stature of patients in ICU and makes appropriate decisions to insure that these patients are receiving the best in respiratory care; recommends or obtains ABG samples, x-rays, O2, and other respiratory care procedures that one feels is necessary for the patient’s welfare.
  • Implements weaning procedures from continuous mechanical ventilations and monitors patients during this procedure.
  • Alerts therapist, supervisor, RN, and Physician or Medical Director to any changes in the cardiopulmonary status of patients in the ICU or any other critically ill patient of any age.
  • Monitors endotracheal cuffs on patients of all ages with artificial airways; assists in airway care as indicated.
  • Assists in clinical instruction of RT students.
  • Auscultates lungs of patients in ICU and reports findings to proper RN, therapist, or physician.
  • Instructs patients, families, and other Springfield Memorial Hospital personnel in the proper care of RT procedures and techniques.
  • May assist physician in performing bronchoscopy, certified by medical director. Maintains all supplies, monitors patients, obtains cultures and cytology samples and sterilizes equipment. Participates in conscious sedation procedures and patient monitoring.

  1. Perform skin testing (certified by Medical Director)

  1. Provides pulmonary services in the Emergency Department. Performs patients assessments and treatment according to the Emergency Department/Respiratory Care protocol.

  1. Participates in departmental or multidisciplinary teams related to clinical quality, safety, education, best practices, or process improvements.

  1. Follows Springfield Memorial Hospital & Pulmonary Medicine infection control policies.

  1. Performs other related duties as assigned.

  1. Performs all duties under supervision of Registered Therapist or shift supervisor.

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. Incumbents may be requested to perform tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.