Mar 14, 2022

Histopathology Technologist

  • Children's National Hospital
  • Washington, DC, USA

Job Description

Histopathology Technologist - (210003JO)

The Histopathology Technologist will be responsible to process, embed, cut and stain surgical and autopsy tissue blocks in accordance with established procedures and policies.

Minimum Education
High School Diploma or GED (Required)

Minimum Work Experience
1 year Experience in an accredited clinical laboratory in Histopathology. (Required)

Required Skills/Knowledge
Statistics preferred.
Good interpersonal and communication skills important.
Knowledge and skills related to LIS desirable.
Knowledge of computer applications related to the lab information systems, COP A TH.
Knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures.
Knowledge of safety procedures and policies pertaining to the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory .
Knowledge of quality assurance/quality control, workload recording, equipment maintenance documentation records.
Knowledge of requirements of accrediting/regulatory agencies such as CAP , CLIA/CLIP , JCAHO and OSHA ensure the incumbent meet requirements.
Knowledge of immunoperoxidase staining and special staining.
Knowledge of policies and procedures governing the morgue.
Knowledge of supply inventory and ordering procedures pertaining to CNMC.
Ability to communicate and interact with internal and external customers and practice consistent, high quality customer relations.

Required Licenses and Certifications
Certification by ASCP or ASHT (Preferred)

Functional Accountabilities
Immuno-Histochemistry (IHC) and Enzyme Histochemistry
  • Perform IHC assays include IF , validations, QA/QC, surveys, equipment PM, R&D and duties as assigned and trained.
  • Perform enzyme histochemistry as trained.
Technical Performance
  • Accession, fix, embed, cut, stain and mount tissue sections from surgical/diagnostic cases and autopsies.
  • Prepare reagent, verify correct instrument operation, standardize, perform and check results for variety of complex tests.
  • Perform histology procedures to include preparing tissue specimens for gross examination and prosection by the pathologist or appropriate resident physician; responsible to prosect certain tissue specimens specified within departmental guidelines under the indirect supervision of a pathologist, maintain identify of specimen throughout the entire process.
  • Prepare and maintain stains and solutions as required and to process tissue through the steps of fixation, dehydration, cutting of paraffin blocks and staining, cover slipping and labeling of slides.
  • Assist residents/pathologists in fresh/frozen section area, include cryostat tissue cutting and quick staining of slide preparation.
Instrument and Equipment Maintenance
  • Operate instruments and equipment as required; conduct performance checks, calibrations, preventive maintenance and basic troubleshooting of problems or malfunctions; make adjustments or minor repairs with aid of instrument manuals or technical assistance by telephone.
  • Knowledge of the operation, calibration, cleaning, and preventive maintenance of instrumentation and equipment within the branch where assigned.
  • Identify , evaluate and resolve technical and patient-related problems; document and report to appropriate personnel and supervisor
Quality Control
  • Prepare special staining solutions; maintain control sections; identify, investigate, and resolve discrepancies and problems; document action taken; maintain various logs as assigned.
  • Identify unusual outcomes or discrepancies/conditions which cause erroneous reports (instrument malfunctions, inappropriate specimens, etc.); take appropriate action to make corrections and solve problems; notify the supervisor when no guidelines are available for specific occurrences.
  • Responsible for admission and discharges to the morgue, maintain accurate census and insure identity of patient throughout the entire process.
  • Responsible to prepare and maintain reagents utilized in these stains; prepare representative tissue sections used for quality control to monitor the effectiveness of the special stains.
  • Help determine reactivity and variability of individual tissue sections, how each is expected to react to stains being performed, discern discrepant results and report to the Supervisor to discuss possible modification in procedure.
  • Perform slide and block filing and retrieval procedures as required.
  • Assist supervisor to monitor supply inventory, receive and stock supplies.
  • Document and maintain records; file and retrieve slides and blocks as needed.

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Staff)
Organizational Commitment/Identification
  • Anticipate and responds to customer needs; follows up until needs are met

  • Demonstrate collaborative and respectful behavior
  • Partner with all team members to achieve goals
  • Receptive to others’ ideas and opinions

Performance Improvement/Problem-solving
  • Contribute to a positive work environment
  • Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to change
  • Identify opportunities to improve clinical and administrative processes
  • Make appropriate decisions, using sound judgment

Cost Management/Financial Responsibility
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Search for less costly ways of doing things

  • Speak up when team members appear to exhibit unsafe behavior or performance
  • Continuously validate and verify information needed for decision making or documentation
  • Stop in the face of uncertainty and takes time to resolve the situation
  • Demonstrate accurate, clear and timely verbal and written communication
  • Actively promote safety for patients, families, visitors and co-workers
  • Attend carefully to important details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review in order to self-check behavior and performance

Primary Location

: District of Columbia-Washington

Work Locations

Sheikh Zayed Campus
111 Michigan Avenue
Washington 20010


: Allied Health


: Cntr for Cancer_ Blood Dsordrs
Position Status: R (Regular) - FT - Full-Time
Shift: Day
Work Schedule: 8-4:30

Job Posting

: Feb 8, 2022, 10:50:31 AM