Mar 14, 2022

Pulmonary Diagnostics RCP II

  • Children's National Hospital
  • Washington, DC, USA

Job Description

Pulmonary Diagnostics RCP II - (220000MS)

The Pulmonary Diagnostics RCPII will report to the Manager, Pulmonary Diagnostics Lab, for operational oversight. The Manager will provide oversight of the assessment of technical competencies and training. The RCPII will be responsible for any additional training required at time of hire or promotion within time criteria determined by manager. They will be experienced and able to provide clinical support for diagnostic services and respiratory needs at the time of hire or promotion. They will be familiar with all lab processes and procedures and how to access assistance or references when needed by end of probationary period. This includes but is not limited to: assessment of a patient's respiratory status, provision of all standard respiratory care treatments, performing full spectrum of pulmonary function studies( spirometry, plethysmography , DLCO, LCI, MIP/MEP , FOT), metabolic studies, hypoxic challenges, all forms of exercise testing (GXT , 6 minute walk, EIB, cold air challenge),methacholine challenges, transcutaneous CO2 monitoring, indirect measurement of hemoglobin, FENO measurement, bronchoscopy support and equipment care for procedures performed in the OR, cath lab or ICU's. Assessment & adjustment of patient's settings on home ventilators including report generation from the ventilator during visit. All work will comply with the ATS standards of testing, DOH and JCH guidelines and hospital policies and procedures. They will also be expected to transition work sites to include the main lab, the inpatient lab, the OR/ICU, Regional Outpatient Centers(ROC) and the Muscular Dystrophy program held in Physical Medicine. Will provide educational encounters for patients and their families covering all forms of Airway Clearance Techniques(ACT), respiratory medications and equipment used in the home. Children's National Health Center is a teaching and research facility. As a member of our team, the RCPII will assist in hosting medical and respiratory care students and provide educational experiences in the areas of care our service is responsible for as needed throughout the year. Will be knowledgeable of High Level Disinfection (HLD) processes practiced in our hospital. Will be able to troubleshoot any equipment in use in our department. Must be familiar with CPAP/BIPAP equipment and apnea monitors. Must acquire and maintain CITI credentialing to allow them to support any research protocols we are needed for.

Minimum Education
A.S. Completion of a minimum two year of college training in an AMA approved Respiratory Care Program required (Required)
Bachelor's Degree (Preferred)

Minimum Work Experience
4 years Experience in respiratory care environment providing care for inpatients or outpatients (Required) And
2 years Experience in a pulmonary diagnostics environment (Required) And
1 year Experience in a pediatric pulmonary lab environment (Required)

Required Skills/Knowledge
CITI training must be completed within probationary period

Required Licenses and Certifications
Registered Respiratory Therapist RCP DC license Upon Hire (Required) And
Registered Respiratory Therapist RCP MD or VA license (depending on position applied for) 90 Days (Required)Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider (BLS) Upon Hire (Required) And
Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist (CPFT) Upon Hire (Required) And
Registered Respiratory Therapist Upon Hire (Required)

Functional Accountabilities
Organization and Planning
  • Ensure equipment and supplies are prepared and ready to provide any service requested.
  • Prioritize multiple requests for services.
  • Utilize supervisory staff for assistance when needed.
  • Monitor and maintain supplies at any site assigned to.
  • Participate in the interdisciplinary team huddle to ensure lab is informed and ready for the patients scheduled.
  • Be functional in the correct flow for equipment HLD reprocessing for any site assigned to.
  • Ability to utilize BREEZESUITE, CORNERSTONE, ENDOWORKS/PROVATION, CERNER, PYXIS, access to protected folder on "S" drive.
  • Operate Cold Air Challenge system correctly.
  • Able to perform any type of exercise test.
Patient Care
  • Assess patient respiratory status.
  • Interpret clinical signs and symptoms for patients with a variety of respiratory illnesses.
  • Contribute to plan of care based on assessments.
  • Adminster aerosolized medications and treatments as ordered.
  • Provide instruction to patients and families regarding respiratory treatments, equipment, pulmonary diagnostic testing, and ventilatory support devices , both invasive and non-invasive.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and outcomes of interventions.
Technical Proficiency
  • Perform full range of pulmonary function testing in accordance with ATS standards.
  • Maintain CITI training certification.
  • Perform oscillometry, metabolic studies, and specialty studies in accordance with ATS standards.
  • Provide assistance during bronchoscopy procedure and maintain equipment.
  • Perform daily, weekly and monthly calibration of any equipment in use at site assigned.
  • Ensure any equipment involved in a research protocol is ready for use.
  • Provide research protocol support complying with all hospital policies and procedures.
  • Document assessments, medications, treatments, procedures, and teaching encounters appropriately in CERNER.
  • Evaluate and document ventilator patient encounters including any downloads done during the time of visit.
  • Review and refer to all protocols to ensure correct information /documentation is done with each patient encounter.
  • Maintain accurate encounter logs at any site assigned to.
  • Complete and submit monthly report for service assign to.
  • Enter all billing correctly.
  • Attend rounds, in-services, and conferences to maintain and upgrade clinical knowledge base and technical skills.
  • Serve as a resource person to clinic personnel in respiratory related matters.
  • Actively participate in staff/department meetings: participate in departmental performance improvement activities.
  • Maintain all competencies and annual training requirements.
  • Maintain department readiness for regulatory surveys.
  • Keep up to date Circum Vitae in personnel file.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality at all times, ensuring all patient data meets HIPPA standards.
  • Participate in a hospital/department sponsored educational event annually.
  • Assist in providing educational encounters for medical students, residents, and respiratory care students.
  • Maintain area of information on "S" drive in area assigned.
  • Act as the patient's advocate in the field of respiratory care, striving to improve and enhance the quality of our service.
  • Engage with each patient, family member, and staff person as a representative of the department and hospital.
  • Practice closed loop communication, SBAR, STAR, Peer check or any effective tool available to ensure the lab staff, bronch team, inpatient team, and manager are all informed.
  • Know correct method to contact department or entitity to ensure any equipment, software, or employee failure is correctly reported and addressed immediately.
  • Review lab schedule at all sites to ensure what coverage is required and contact manager as needed.
  • Demonstrate integrity and focus o what is safe.
  • Exhibit safe practice at all times when working with patients and using equipment or gases. Refer to professional and hospital guidelines.
  • Use hospital safety reporting system(RL) to ensure capture and tracking of any perceived risk.
  • Practice HLD safety when working with equipment and chemicals in OR/ICU or soiled equipment in labs.
  • Comply with Universal Precautions and Handwashing guidelines in all clinical environments.

Organizational Accountabilities

Primary Location

: District of Columbia-Washington

Work Locations

Sheikh Zayed Campus
111 Michigan Avenue
Washington 20010


: Allied Health


: COE Hospital-Based Specliaties
Position Status: R (Regular) - FT - Full-Time
Shift: Day
Work Schedule: m-f

Job Posting

: Mar 9, 2022, 10:00:00 PM