Jul 06, 2022

CT/Angio Technologist - Cardiac Cath - Full Time / 11am-7:30pm

  • Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center
  • Lanham, MD 20706, USA

Job Description

Position Purpose

Prepares and performs imaging guided examinations under the supervision of a Radiologist. Position requires a thorough understanding of a variety of imaging modalities to include fluoroscopy, C T and Ultrasound, protocols, and the equipment and supplies specific to each. This position also requires a good understanding of what exams are to be done in order without delay in service. Also the position requires a good understanding of general radiology so as to participate when rotated through the department.

Role Specific Competencies

1. Basic aseptic technique and knowledge demonstrated in room preparation during and following procedure.

  • Wipes down all surfaces of equipment and room furniture with disinfectant solution prior to and after each procedure.
  • Sets up sterile field and trays in a manner that prevents contamination, and protects patient from potential infection.
  • Inspects, prior to use, sterilized items to ensure sterility and to verify expiration date.
  • Anticipates need for Radiologist for additional sterile items to provide sterile field and/or facilitate procedures.
  • Initiates and follows through with appropriate isolation precautions required by identified patient.
  • Coordinates and requests housekeeping services daily.

2. Demonstrates skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality care services for special age specific populations, such as, but not limited to, pediatrics and geriatrics patients. (Attach current skills inventory and/or skills check list; any current age specific certifications; departmental testing; etc.)

3. Identifies and reports mechanical malfunction of x-ray equipment, changes and injectors.

  • Reports all deficiencies of equipment immediately so that timely repairs can be completed without delay to future scheduled procedures.

4. Maintains instruments and associated special procedure reusable supplies and prepares following assembly for re-sterilization by PAD.

  • Inspects, identifies and removes from use damaged instruments/equipment prior to assembly.
  • Reports need for repair to the Nurse Manager / Interventional Radiologist in a timely manner.

5. Maintains inventory levels of special procedure supplies that ensure availability to Radiologist.

  • Inventories daily and reorders stock items in sufficient time that does not result in cancellation of a procedure for lack of supply.
  • Rotates inventory to avoid unnecessary waste of supplies.

6. Performs accurately all scheduled Imaging guided examinations in a manner that promotes quality of physical radiographic services to patient.

  • Identifies patient and procedure scheduled, verifies consent with requisition. Performs correct exam without necessity of ITR.
  • No report by Radiologist or requesting physician of dissatisfaction with quality of work.
  • Specific technical services provided in such a way as to generate no patient complaints.
  • Shields patient, self and others from unnecessary exposure to radiation by safe radiological practice.
  • Maintains a steady flow of patients without causing a delay in the scanning room waiting for patients.
  • Review all patient lab work prior to testing to assure results are within Department standards.
  • Must be able to transfer images from C T Units and Angiography to the PAC S.
  • Must be able to properly resolve routine Quality Assurance (QA) issues dealing with multiple studies, wrong patient data and no matching scheduled study from within the PAC S.
  • E-Mails PACS Coordinator with issues as needed for QA issues that cannot be resolved at their level. Must be able to clearly define the flow of information from Meditech order entry through the PAC S, C R/C T/Angiography, and Radiology Module.
  • Assists Physicians in scrub role as required. Technical skills / knowledge level result in work product that is acceptable to Physicians, Patients and fellow Team Members.

7. Performs non-routine duties as directed by Department Director or designee that promotes team work.

  • Fulfills assigned call rotation without reported non-availability when assigned call. Performs routine radiological exams as assigned.
  • Current C PR certification maintained. Uses only hospital assigned ASC OM phones. Maintains a current state/National certification.
  • Hospital name badge and radiation badge are worn at all times. Submits radiation badge for review within estimated time frame.
  • Attends department staff meetings. Meets hospital and department requirements for fire safety, infection control and guest relations inservices.
  • Maintains current health update.
  • Turns equipment on and knows the shut down procedure for each unit. Reviews images by pixel shifting and contrast enhancement and adjusts region of interest (ROI).
  • Must be able to create a patient image ""CD"" from within the PACS.
  • Must be able to transmit images to Radiologist for emergency interpretations.
  • Must be able verify that images are transmitted.

Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of one year experience as a CAT scan/angio technologist.
  • Able to cover call-in CAT scan and angiography as assigned.
  • Certified, registry eligible, American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and state licensed.
  • Current CPR/BLS is required.
  • Knowledgeable of radiation safety.
  • Must have minimum one year experience in special procedures in a hospital or similar setting.

Physical Requirements

  • Concentrates on moderate to fine detail for extended periods of time.
  • Good body mechanics is necessary, i.e., ability to lift correctly, etc.
  • Must be able to hear normal sounds with some background noise.
  • Remembers schedules, tasks to be completed, where activities left off, etc.

Understands and can operate from the conc