Feb 20, 2020

Speech Pathologist

  • UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Full time

Job Description

ResponsibilitiesCLINICAL (Early Child Partial) Diagnose, assess, treat, and provide transition goals in the Early Childhood Education Program of NPI&H language problems of a complex nature in children. 1) Evaluate test results, interpreting findings and causes 2) Plan and conduct programs designed to improve communication efficiency in young children. 3) Write treatment plans and objectives for patients in the program. 4) Work with individual children or groups of children, on speech and language disorders. Patients include a wide variety of speech and language disorders with both functional and organic aspects and associated with developmental disabilities, psychiatric and/or neurological disorders. A foreign language base may be present. 5) Conduct family counseling on speech and language problems and give feedback on test results and language prognosis for children, adolescents, and adults. 6) Provide programs for other ECPHP staff to carry out – include instruction on techniques. 7) Monitor progress of patients in ECPHP by observation, evaluation, and collaborative data collection and feedback from all who work with patient. 8) Assist with school placement of children with communication disorders by consulting with other professionals, schools, and agencies. Attend meetings, make initial telephone contacts, and make recommendations for placement. Assist in community referrals of adult patients with communication disorders. 9) Write technical reports on diagnostic findings, therapy used, and progress made. 10) Organize and document sessions. 11) Constantly learn, integrate, and use state of the science methodology and treatment for children with language disorders. 12) Consult with and provide information for community service providers of patients. PATIENT EXPERIENCE 1) Adherence to all CICARE and hospital policies for professional and confidential behavior. TEACHING 1) Function as a member of an interdisciplinary team involving other disciplines such as psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, social work and others in the Early Childhood Education Program. 2) Consult with fellows, residents and school personnel regarding evaluation and treatment plans. QualificationsCertificate of clinical competence in speech pathology awarded by the American Speech Language Hearing Association. Licensure by the State of California as a speech pathologist. Experience and knowledge sufficient to assess, develop treatment plans, and intervene with complex cases involving the interpretation of developmental, psychiatric, neurological and linguistic findings in the context of severely disabled or affected children, adolescents, and adults; integrating knowledge of neurology, psychiatry, linguistic and pediatric fields. Ability to provide therapy to children with autism, children on the spectrum of autism, and children with severe behavioral issues regardless of maladaptive behaviors. Working knowledge of language sample, syntactic and pragmatic analyses Ability to design lectures and in-services for clinical fellows, residents, and members of multidisciplinary team. Ability to write technical reports, treatment plans, and billing/insurance information using correct format. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationship and interaction with colleagues, faculty, students and patients. Ability to work independently and skills in identifying more effective methods of work operations. Ability to complete heavy workloads within established time frames Ability to use tape and video recording devices, computers, and software for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Ability to work with an interpreter. Ability to work with professionals in the community. Ability to integrate workload and work efficiently within the hospital framework. Ability to provide feedback, scaffolding, and instruction to unlicensed staff in the partial hospitalization program and clinic. UCLA is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status. 74057895.jpgi?e=se&tv=pixel_tracker&p=web&aid=uclahealth&se_ca=misc&se_ac=impression&se_la=1944