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These are the most in-demand American jobs in the time of the coronavirus pandemic

  • The World Health Organization just declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic.
  • Job-posting site Glassdoor shared a recent economic research report noting several listings asking for people who could help with coronavirus-related communications, medical assistance, or research testing. 
  • One of the job postings outside of the medical field includes a company seeking a communications consultant who can write content about the outbreak.
  • Glassdoor told Business Insider these positions are mainly looking to fulfill temporary or contract positions during the coronavirus outbreak

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus, which has spread to over 110 countries, a pandemic on Wednesday.

The growing spread of coronavirus has caused a surge in demand for certain jobs, as US companies look for ways to address the outbreak and the anxiety around it.

Job-posting site Glassdoor recently published an Economic Research report about how workers are reacting to coronavirus. Daniel Zhao, a Glassdoor senior economist and data scientist, wrote in the report that the company has noticed an increase in job postings for researchers and healthcare professionals specifically asking for people who can help with coronavirus-related communications, research, or medical assistance.

The examples listed in the report tend to be companies looking for immediate hires, as well as temporary roles. However, Zhao told Business Insider, "we don't know yet how the outbreak will evolve or how long these workers will be needed."

In Washington, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently posted several positions for their newly formed COVID-19 Response team. The positions include program manager and associate strategy officer that will last until the end of December.

"Regardless, many of the jobs appearing involve portable skills. For example, crisis communication skills are becoming more and more useful in a wide variety of contexts, so it's important for businesses to build that muscle for the long term," Zhao said.

Read on to find out which occupations the report mentioned saw an increase in postings related to coronavirus, along with their average work responsibilities according to the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) and 2018 median annual salaries as listed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Healthcare workers

nurse at health clinic
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One of the listed healthcare occupations that medical organizations are hoping to hire are registered nurses that can help with coronavirus screening as it continues to spread globally.

Coronavirus has already killed nine people in Washington state, with over 100 confirmed cases across the US. It has spread across 70 countries, with the highest number of cases reported in China. 

The report mentioned a job posting looking for a registered nurse to help with screenings in airports and at a quarantine location within a military base (this position has since been filled, according to Glassdoor). A similar positing is seeking a nurse to help the CDC in several airport locations, including Newark, New Jersey; Dallas, Texas; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Healthcare workers such as respiratory therapists and nurses are one of the job industries most at risk of coronavirus because of their close contact with patients, inability to work from home, and frequent exposure to diseases, according to Business Insider's analysis on O*NET work factors

Registered nurses made a median annual salary of $71,730 in 2018. 

Data specialists

data analyst analyzing charts
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Glassdoor noted that not only is there a need for people to help patients diagnosed with coronavirus, there's also a need for people to look at data related to the disease.

Data is playing an important role during the outbreak, as it helps understand the severity level of the outbreak by examining the estimated number of cases in reported countries — although the exact number of cases is difficult to collect, according to The Atlantic. It's also helpful for investors to examine economic activity, according to Marketwatch

One of the companies looking to fulfill an immediate contract data specialist is Translators Without Borders. They are seeking a person who can work remotely to analyze and make sense of data related to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to O*NET's information on computer systems analysts, the job requires people who are analytical thinkers, pay attention to details, and are adaptable to changes. The profession doesn't necessarily require a bachelor's degree.

A typical median annual salary is over $87,000, according to 2018 BLS data.

Researchers and scientists

Scientist extracting data.
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The report noted scientists are needed for testing and reviewing lab data related to the coronavirus. Researchers are playing a vital role in discovering information about the outbreak.

Interestingly, the way scientists are communicating is changing as a response to the outbreak. According to Science Magazine, many scientists are using Slack to help communicate their findings to scientists in different locations. 

The magazine wrote "the intense communication has catalyzed an unusual level of collaboration among scientists that, combined with scientific advances, has enabled research to move faster than during any previous outbreak."

One of the job postings for "scientist" on Glassdoor is from staffing agency Kelly Services. The company is looking for a microbiologist to immediately fill a contract position at one of their healthcare client organizations. 

According to O*NET, a microbiologist's top required skills include analytical know-how and inductive reasoning to draw conclusions. Attention to detail, integrity, and analytical thinking were the top three work styles that employees of this occupation find the most important to have.

A microbiologist's typical salary in 2018 was $71,650.

Communications specialists

worker typing on a computer
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In addition to conducting medical research and assisting patients with coronavirus, Glassdoor also saw companies seeking professionals who can share news and inform readers all about the outbreak. One of the staffing agencies listed in the report hopes to find a communications consultant who can write advice regarding the outbreak in various languages. 

According to O*NET, communication specialists typically need a bachelor's degree and work experience related to communications or public relations. They typically earn around $60,000 a year, according to 2018 BLS data